Young Scientist Award

List of Winners of the Young Scientist Awards

Prize Name of Applicant Affiliation Paper Title
GOLD Chandramouli SUBRAMANIAM Technology Research Association for Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (TASC), Japan Exceptional current-carrying capacity of carbon nanotube-copper electrical conductor : pushing the boudaries for electronic conductors
GOLD Dun-Yen KANG National Taiwan University Novel Inorganic Nanotubular Materials for CO2 Capture
SILVER Yohei ISHIDA Hokkaido University Artificial Light-Harvesting System in a Supramolecular Host–Guest Assembly of an Anionic Clay Nanosheet and Cationic Porphyrin Dyes
SILVER Yosuke OKAMURA Tokai University Development of Size-controlled Biodegradable Polymer Nanosheets and Their Biomedical Applications
BRONZE Shinya OHMAGARI AIST Photodetection characteristics of p-type ultrananocrystalline diamond/amorphous carbon composite films (UNCD/a-C)
BRONZE Kenichi NAGASE Tokyo Women's Medical University Thermoresponsive Proteins and Cells Separation Materials Possessing Precisely Designed Polymer Brushes
BRONZE Yuki SHIROSAKI Kyushu Institute of Technology Challenge for the Nerve Regeneration using Chitosan-Siloxane Porous Hybrids
BRONZE David BERARDAN ICMMO - Univ. Paris Sud BiCuSeO-based oxychalcogenides: new efficient p-type thermoelectric materials
BRONZE Kohei HIGASHIKAWA Kyushu University Magnetic Microscopy to Characterize Local Critical Currents in Forefront Superconducting Materials, Wires and Tapes



About the award

Young Scientist Awards in IUMRS-ICA2014, consisting of gold, silver and bronze awards, are intended to honor and encourage outstanding young scientists, who have contributed to IUMRS-ICA2014 as presenters in the Symposia and/or the Forums of IUMRS-ICA2014, and whose academic achievements and current research works demonstrate a high level of excellence and distinction. The IUMRS-ICA2014 committees seek to recognize young scientists with outstanding and exceptional abilities showing great potentials toward significant future progress in a variety of research fields, which are widely covered in IUMRS-ICA2014.

Award Package

Gold award : A certificate of the Award and 300 USD cash prize
Silver award : A certificate of the Award
Bronze award : A certificate of the Award

Approximately 2 gold-award winners, 3 silver-award winners and 5 bronze-award winners may be selected in this conference.

Rules and Eligibility

  1. The nominee shall not have reached his or her 40th birthday on or before August 24th, 2014.
    (born on/after 25th 1974)
  2. The nominee must submit the documents [curriculum vitae (CV) including the date of birth (2-pages maximum), extended abstract in accordance with the template for the award nomination (4-pages maximum) and list of recent publications (2-pages maximum)], which are to be announced on the web page of IUMRS-ICA2014. The deadline for the submission of the documents is February 5th, 2014 (the same date for the deadline of the abstract submission in the symposia and/or in the forums of IUMRS-ICA2014).
    Extended abstract template: YSA_IUMRS-ICA2012_Temp-1-2.doc
  3. At the timing of the submission of the documents for the award, the nominee must have completed abstract submission as a presenter in the symposia and/or in the forums of IUMRS-ICA2014. The title of the extended abstract for the award nomination should not be the same as the title(s) of the abstract(s) submitted for presentation(s) in the symposia and/or in the forums.
  4. The documents submitted by the nominees are to be reviewed by referees. The referees will select eligible candidates as finalists, who shall be asked to participate in the "Finalist Session for Young Scientist Awards", which is to be held on August 26th, 2014, and deliver their presentations under the title of the extended abstract submitted as one of the documents for the award nomination. It is noted that the finalist must have completed the registration process of IUMRS-ICA2014 before his or her presentation in the Finalist Session.
  5. The award winners will be selected from the finalists based on both the pre-evaluation of the documents submitted by the nominees and the evaluation of the presentations in the "Finalist Session for Young Scientist Awards".
  6. The award winners will be announced in the award ceremony to be held during the banquet on August 27th, 2014.
  7. After the award ceremony, a group photo of the award winners will be taken. The photographs will be uploaded onto the homepage of the conference.
  8. The above rules and procedures may be subject to be modified by the organizing committee of IUMRS-ICA2014.