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Symposium D-10
Innovative Imaging Technologies using X-ray Scattering and Atom Probe Microscopy

Partly supported by the Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Kyushu Chapter


Representative Person1

Yoshifumi SUZUKI
Kyushu Institute of Technology


Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kazuhiro HARA
Kyushu University
Fukuoka University
Kiyofumi NAGATA
Fukuoka University
Zhen-Chao DONG
Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)


Yoshifumi SUZUKI
Kyushu Institute of Technology(


Materials characterization and development of new techonlogy are ones of the major aspects of the materials science by which interior of the materials probed and properties and structures of the materials are explained. Accordingly, characterization requires external techniques to probe into the inside as well as the fundamental scientific knowledge to interpret the signals. Technological developments allow various ways of exploring the internal structures and obtaining vast ranges of information.


  1. X-ray Imaging
  2. X-ray Small Angle Scattering
  3. Scanning Microscopy
  4. Surface and Interface Characterization
  5. Innovative Imaging Technologies

Invited Speakers

Zhenchao DONG
University of Science and Technology of China
Yeukuang HWU
Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica