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Outreach and ICT Based Education in the Materials Science and Technology


Mitsugu Terada
Fukuoka University
Nobuyasu Hiramatsu
Fukuoka University


One of the expectations for the materials science and technology education is to foster creative and talented experts who will contribute sustainable development of the human beings. It is also requested for materials science and technology researchers to contribute knowledge sharing with the society citizens through outreach activities. As the ICT (Information Communication Technology) deeply spreads into the society, the number of “Digital natives” is increasing among young age population. The learning environment, curricula and pedagogy are required to be established for digitally native pupils and students. ICT supported education and ICT based way of thinking must be introduced to achieve the object of the materials science and technology education. It is not denying the prior education. It is intended to respond to the learner diversification in the school education and the outreach activities.
This forum focuses on two topics in materials science and technology education; the outreach activities and ICT based education.
We welcome participants of researchers and educators from various fields of materials science and technology.