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Access to Fukuoka University with Fukuoka City Subway

To use Fukuoka City Subway is very convenient for access to the conference venue, the Nanakuma Campus of Fukuoka University. This is because the Fukudai-mae station is in front of the main gate of Fukuoka University, and the city subway links the Fukuoka University campus to Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Satation(JR), and also Tenjin which is one of popular commercial area and many hotels are located at Hakata and Tenjin areas (*). On the other hand, please know that a traffic jam is intense in Fukuoka City, especially the central areas Hakata and Tenjin.
The following web site informs you of how to use the city subway, for example the route map, tickets, transfer, and the foreign language support service.
Please check the web site!

* If you come from Fukuoka Airport or Hakata Station to Fukudai-mae Station, you must transfer from the Kuko line to the Nanakuma line of the City Subway by walking in Tenjin Underground Shopping Center from Tenjin Station of the Kuko line to Tenjin-minami Station of the Nanakuma line. And also, when transferring between the Kuko Line and Nanakuma Line, please make sure you use the transfer gate and don't forget your ticket.

Overview of the Access to the venue

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